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Obtaining cheap car insurance is as easy as entering your Zip Code into the top of the page to begin comparing quotes. There are several different types of car insurance options available within these quotes to meet the various needs of consumers. Having multiple coverage options available allows insurance companies to target their pricing to individual customers more effectively. Learning about the different types of insurance coverage that may be on your insurance quote will help you find the coverage that you need easier and will help you make a better decision about the type of bolton car insurance to buy. Here are five common types of insurance coverage that you might want to consider.

Liability Coverage

Nearly all car insurance quotes will contain liability coverage. Liability coverage protects the insured from having to pay the cost of repairs to someone else’s car out of pocket. Liability coverage covers damages caused by the insured driver’s vehicle in accidents, but it does not cover any of the driver’s injuries or damages to the insured’s personal vehicle. Liability coverage is often the minimal coverage amount that can be purchased for an automobile to meet state minimum insurance requirements. However, the liability coverage may be waived by certain states if the driver can show proof of financial ability to cover the state requirements.

Comprehensive Coverage

When you compare auto insurance rates, you should be sure to include comprehensive coverage in the quotes. Comprehensive coverage takes care of repairs to your car that are caused by anything other than another vehicle. This coverage also takes care of damages from theft of your vehicle, a vehicle fire, or vandalism. Consider this type of coverage in areas that have a large number of storms with high winds, hail, flooding, or tornadoes. This type of coverage will keep you from spending out of pocket in uncontrollable situations.

Under-insured Driver Coverage

Unless you specifically request it, a car insurance comparison may not contain under-insured driver coverage in the quote. Under-insured drivers coverage pays for any cost that exceeds the other drivers at-fault coverage limits and provides funds for a rental vehicle when your car is being repaired. This insurance will protect you from drivers that carry cheap car insurance or state minimum coverage and keep you from paying out of pocket for damages incurred by someone else.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

Uninsured drivers coverage covers you in the event that you are in an accident with a driver who fails to have insurance coverage. It also covers you in cases of “hit and skip” accidents, where the other vehicle leaves the scene of a collision. Having this coverage will protect you from other motorist not having the state requirements for insurance. To ensure that you are obtaining the right cheap auto insurance quotes, check the coverage limits and exclusions before you decide to purchase the policy.

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